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Securely sealed units for maximum security
Modular and flexible storage.
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How easyPod Storage Service Works

Enjoy peace of mind with secure, weather-resistant pods that keep your treasures safe, coupled with 24/7 monitored facilities.

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Select the perfect easyPod size for your storage needs and schedule a convenient delivery time right to your doorstep.

We arrive and load

Our professional staff will come to your location to expertly assist with packing and loading your easyPod, ensuring your belongings are packed securely and efficiently.

We Store Safely

Once packed, we'll transport your easyPod to our secure storage facility. Access your items anytime or have the pod returned upon request.

Welcome to easyPod by easyStorage

At easyPod, we understand that space is more than just a place. It's the freedom to live, work, and play on your terms. That's why we've created easyPod - the smart, secure, and simple storage solution designed to fit your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are my belongings safe on an easyPod?

Absolutely.  You can have complete peace of mind.  Each easyPod is purpose built and extremely durable.  Each easyPod is closed with a unique security seal and is placed in our secure storage facilities.

Can I access my belongings while they're in storage?

Yes, you can. If you need something from your easyPod, simply let us know, and we'll make it accessible to you at our storage facility. You can also have the pod returned to your doorstep.

How do I determine the right easyPod size for my needs?

We offer various pod sizes to fit different storage requirements. Our team can assist you in choosing the ideal size based on what you plan to store. You only pay for the space you use.

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